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Avoid them if we can. Manage them if we must

Dental implants are now a well-established treatment method in modern dental practice. Unfortunately, this treatment modality is not without risk of failure and complications. Even highly skilled clinicians will fall foul of statistics and have to deal with these problems. This program identifies these risks and gives you practical advice on how to minimise risks, and deal with complications should they arise.

If you provide implant treatments to patients, you will be exposed to the risks of treatment complications and failure. Managing these risks, and treating complications, will occupy more of your time. Drs Peake and Dawson have a wealth of experience in the field of implant dentistry, and in managing complications. If you practice in this area of dentistry, you need to know what these men know.

In your daily practice you will see implants with problems - either yours or those of colleagues. You will see these complications, and the number of these cases is increasing. Managing these complications is difficult from both a patient and clinical perspective.  Patients are very often upset and clinical outcomes of corrective treatment poor.  An understanding of the problems, the treatments available and their outcomes will be provided by 2 clinicians with an extensive experience in implant dentistry.

Topics include

  • Implant complications – definitions, classification and incidence
  • Identifying Risks
  • Strategies for reducing complication risk
  • Managing periimplant biological complications
  • Managing prosthetic problems

Learning Objectives

  • Describe implant complication types and incidence
  • Evaluate clinical situations for risk of implant complications and failure
  • Describe techniques for the management of common implant complications

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