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Wed 31 Aug 2016
8:30AM - 5:00PM


St Leonards

CPD Hours: 6.5

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Learn how to achieve long lasting restorations and ideal soft tissue aesthetics

Surgical crown lengthening is an increasingly used but technique-sensitive procedure. Gaining access to restoration margins, lengthening the clinical crown or improving aesthetics all demand sound surgical skills. Surgical success requires careful case selection based on sound biologic principles. Aesthetically aware patients requiring restorative work demand nothing less. 

This hands-on course is designed for dentists who want to begin or do more of their own crown lengthening procedures. Seminar-style presentations will cover the theory and rationale for crown lengthening. A live patient presentation will allow participants a ‘surgeon’s eye’ view of the procedure.

The emphasis of the course will be based on patients with a healthy periodontium who require alterations in gingival margin position for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. Basic Periodontal surgical principles will be covered as well as the instrumentation required for carrying out these procedures. As expected in any surgical course emphasis will also be placed on the prevention and treatment of complications.

The presenters of this course are well known in the profession and have a wealth of knowledge which will be shared with the participants. As the numbers of participants is restricted there will be the opportunity for individual tuition during practical sessions. This is one of the most popular courses and early registration is essential.

Topics include

  • Understanding the ‘biologic width’
  • Osseous recontouring
  • Crown lengthening for increased retention of restorations
  • Treatment for the ‘gummy smile’
  • When to crown lengthen and when to extract
  • Post-operative management
  • Preventing complications

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