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From the Cradle to the Grave - Medical Implications in Dental Treatment

Every second year the Advisory Services Education Day offers a high quality speaker program at a subsidised price for the enjoyment of ADA members. Designed and hosted by the ADA NSW Peer Advisors, this day is renowned for consistently delivering interesting and informative content. Course attendees will be offered expert practical advice and clinical tips designed to be immediately applicable to everyday clinical practice. Engaging, informative, practical and interactive – this year’s session promises to be the best yet.

The Advisory Services Day offers a quality speaker program comprising industry-leading specialists and experienced dental educators.  Participants will be offered expert advice and clinical tips relevant to everyday clinical practice.  

Speakers for this years event include;

  • Dr Kareen Mekertichian

  • Dr Geraldine Moses AM

  • A/Professor David Roessler

  • Dr Peter Serb

  • A/Professor Mark Schifter

The program will include an interactive session moderated by A/ Professor David Roessler on; Managing the Complex and Avoiding the Unexpected. 
Join in the discussion with your smart phone or device as Dr Roessler takes you through a number of real clinical cases in his own entertaining and comprehensive style.  What would you do in the situations highlighted?  What would your colleagues do?   Find out in this humorous and thought-provoking session which will include tips on patient and case management applicable to all dentists working in general dental clinical practice.

ADA NSW Gala Charity Ball

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Ticket Prices  
ADA NSW Member Pricing
ADA NSW Advisory Services Education Day: $490.00              

ADA NSW Advisory Services Education Day + Gala Charity Ball Ticket (10 % Disc): $707.00

Non-Member Pricing
ADA NSW Advisory Services Education Day: $600.00              
ADA NSW Advisory Services Education Day + Gala Charity Ball Ticket (10 % Disc): $806.00

Recent Gradate Discounted Rate 
ADA NSW Advisory Services Education Day: $350.00              
ADA NSW Advisory Services Education Day + Gala Charity Ball Ticket (10 % Disc): $581.00

Filling The Gap 
Filling the Gap is a new charity formed by ADA NSW to bring all of our benevolent programs together and providing members with more volunteering opportunities. ADA NSW members have a proud history of helping those most in need through the provision of dental treatment. Over the past year, we have helped 300 people providing pro bono dental treatment worth nearly $320,000. Money raised at the ADA NSW Charity Ball will go towards Filling the Gap and helping fund pro bono dental clinics for those unable to access public or private dental treatment.  

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Topics include

  • Medical considerations in the treatment of paediatric patients

  • Pharmacological considerations to promote safe dental treatment

  • Communicating and decision making in dental clinical practice – managing the complex and avoiding the unexpected

  • Medical considerations when treating periodontal patients

  • Treating the aging/worn dentition – the patient attached to the teeth

Learning Objectives

  • Define the fundamental principles of safe and predictable treatment planning in paediatric practice

  • Understand how to comprehensively assess patient medications prior to dental treatment.

  • Identify difficult treatment situations which seem deceptively simple at presentation

  • Modify prescribing for paediatric and geriatric patients.

  • Apply clinical tips and hints in your practice straight away

  • Managing the aged or medically-compromised patient

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