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Dr Steven Cohn AM is a specialist endodontist in Sydney. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate endodontics at the University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital since 1979 and is the former Director of Postgraduate Endodontic Education at the University of Sydney. Dr Cohn is presently Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Puthisastra in Cambodia and Director of the Diploma in Endodontics program. In 2019 he founded the Cambodia Oral Health Partnership that provides dental care for children in Cambodia. Until recently Dr Cohn was a Federal ADA Media Advisor responsible for the development and delivery of educational content for the dental profession.
In 1998 Steve started the first specific microscope training course for endodontists and endodontic postgraduate students in Australia. This course has run annually except for the Covid period.
Since 2009 Steve, Dr Rick Spencer (and now Drs Sabrina Manickam and Tim McAnulty) and Ms Barbara Faulkner have conducted microscope courses for general practitioners. Steve also does hands on microscope training on an individual basis in dentist’s rooms.
Dr Cohn also presents “hands on“ clinics on rubber dam utilisation with Dr Rick Spencer and Ms Barbara Faulkner emphasising rubber dam application in both endodontics and general practice. Steve has also made a rubber dam training videos for the ADA (NSW Branch) CPD and videos on endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning for the Federal ADA.
Dr Cohn has also maintained a long interest in dental radiology. He was a consultant to the Dunvale and Rinn corporations and assisted with developing both the Rinn DS and DS Endo devices. He designed both the Snapex (1979) and TruView (2017) radiography systems, both specifically to be used for all endodontic and restorative procedures carried out under rubber dam. Steve regularly conducts “hands on” radiology workshops throughout Australia.