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Dr Sabrina Manickam has worked for public and private health, education, and professional and regulatory bodies in her 28 years of practice, advocating for strong leadership, ethics and professionalism and sound dental representation in the health environment. Major employment roles included Area Clinical Director for Dental Services in Western NSW 2006-2008, Sub-dean Rural Dental Programs University of Sydney, 2006-2008, Associate Head of School and Discipline Head at Charles Sturt University, School of Dentistry and Health Sciences 2008-2017, ADA NSW President 2015-2017, and involvement with ADA NSW Committees, Council, Executive and Board since 1994.  Her involvement with the regulatory bodies includes ongoing service with the NSW Dental Board and Dental Council since 2004. Having worked in public practice in Western Sydney and private practice in the Penrith region for 6 years, Sabrina moved to Orange in 1999 worked for Western NSW until 2008, then moved onto Charles Sturt University in 2008-17 and then to McAnulty Family Dental in 2012 where she became practice owner and principal at McAnulty-Manickam Family Dental in 2018.

In private practice in Orange is where Sabrina was introduced to the microscope in 2014 and is often heard saying out loud, “If my microscope is not working then neither will I!!” Sab is a strong believer in the clinical excellence microscope magnification provides to clinical practice and hopes to introduce, encourage, and help all practitioners to “see the new world through these amazing eyes!”