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Brad Wright graduated as a dentist in 1982 from the University of Queensland, and practiced as a dentist from 1982. He operated a regional practice from 1987. 

Brad graduated from law school in 1998 and his honours thesis was entitled “Material Risk and Causation in Dental Treatment”. He was admitted as a solicitor in 2006. He completed an MBA in 2010 and he was called to the bar in March 2011.

Brad is a foundation fellow of the Faculty of Dentistry of Australian College of Legal Medicine. He also has had significant management and consultancy experience with corporate and practitioner clients in relation to clinical operations, practice management and legal risk management. 

Brad has presented on law and management for dentists across Australia, and overseas on a regular basis for over 15 years. He currently is full time at the Queensland private bar, and his practice includes health practitioner regulation, employment law, civil and commercial law and family law.