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Iain is Professor of Public Health Dentistry at the University of Manchester, School of Dentistry.  He is also co-director of Colgate Palmolive’s Dental Health Unit – a 45-year collaboration between the company and the University.  Iain is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and a specialist and Consultant in Dental Public Health.

Iain’s research interest is in caries; detection, diagnosis, treatment and service planning and has published over 100 articles in leading journals on this and associated topics.  Iain’s PhD concerned the use of fluorescence imaging for detecting early carious lesions.  He is currently working on caries management programmes for older people and continues to be interested in advancing oral care for children, in particular, ensuring that children are not exposed to general anesthetic’s for extractions.

He recently led a conference examining the issues surrounding the dental care of older adults and, with international colleagues, developed the Seattle Care Pathway – an evidence based approach to assessing and planning the oral care of older people.