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ACTEON GROUP®, the innovators, designers and manufacturers of dental, medical devices as well as pharmaceutical products continue to exceed expectations with research and development always in the forefront.

Comprised of the three distinct sectors, SATELEC, PIERRE ROLLAND and SOPRO, ACTEON remains the leader in many product categories with many ‘World First’ innovations.

The SATELEC ® product range focuses on medical devices used in day to day dentistry. These include but not limited to clinical and surgical ultrasonics, curing lights, air prophylaxis, and electrosurgery.  
PIERRE ROLLAND ®is a pharmaceutical laboratory that designs, manufactures and sells consumable / pharmaceutical products for use in dentistry. The product range includes anaesthetics, tooth whitening, therapeutic and endodontic products as well as the brand Expasyl which revolutionised tissue management in the modern world.
ACTEON SOPRO ® designs imaging solutions for the dental, medical and veterinary markets including endoscopy applications. ACTEON SOPRO® products are dedicated to digital imaging, including intra-oral cameras, digital radiology systems and imaging software.  In recent times Sopro has taken on the manufacture of advanced high technology dental X-ray equipment, such as intra-oral generators and the latest in cone beam technology.