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COVID-19 Information for Dental Patients

This advice can change due to the evolving situation. Patients should check our website for the latest information but most importantly call their local dentist.


Protect you, your family and your loved ones

Updated 26 July 2021


For dental patients in the Greater Sydney region

The Premier and Chief Health Officer have currently identified your region as an area of great concern. To stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community it is important that you follow the NSW Government stay at home restrictions that are now in place:

  • Patients should only leave their home to attend a dental appointment if it relates to urgent or emergency dental care only. 
  • It is likely your dentist may contact you to reschedule your non-essential dental appointments for another time. 

What to expect when attending your dental appointment during this time


In Greater Sydney, the key message is to stay at home. If you must see your dentist at this time, it is likely there will be some additional measures in place to keep everyone safe.

  • All patients will be asked screening questions before attending an appointment. This helps your dentist to manage COVID risk and keep everyone safe.
  • At the dental practice, you will need to wear your mask at all times, except for when the dentist is providing dental care to you.
  • Unless someone must come with you for your appointment, your dentist will support you to be physically distanced from others – this may include waiting outside until it’s your turn.

If you have questions about your treatment, or you would like to delay your care until the lockdown ends, please call your dentist to discuss your options. 

Information for dental patients in regional NSW 

For patients that are outside of the Greater Sydney areas, you can continue to visit your dentist as normal. Dental practitioners understand COVID exposure risk and limiting opportunities for community transmission.

Australian dentists follow world-class, best practice Infection Prevention and Control so it is safe to visit the dentist. Please note there will be extra questions when you arrive to check whether any patients have travelled from Greater Sydney or have been to a venue of concern.

Maintain your oral health

We don't want your oral health to suffer during COVID-19 restrictions. Please continue to brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, eat a healthy, balanced diet with limited sugar intake and make fluoridated tap water your beverage of choice.

Click here to access our Community Hub and browse free oral health information by category including frequently asked questions, educational videos and patient resources including kids toothbrushing charts and activity sheets.


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COVID-19 Contacts


Aus Gov Coronavirus Health Info Line
P: 1800 020 080
24hr/day, 7 day/week hotline

Healthdirect Hotline
P: 1800 022 222
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