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NDFLogo-(1).pngAbout the NDF

The National Dental Foundation (NDF) is a registered Australian charity that facilitates basic dental treatment to disadvantaged Australians genuinely in need of dental care. Volunteer dentists and support staff donate their time and skills to provide pro bono treatment to vulnerable or at risk patients through a Dental Rescue Days (DRD) or an Adopt a Patient program held at volunteer dental surgery locations across Australia. To participate, NDF encourages volunteers to be a part of their respective Dental Associations and they must have Professional Indemnity Insurance

The NDF State Coordinator liaises with local registered Charities and Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations/programs that specifically target the patient groups classified as vulnerable or at risk that are in need of dental care and advice. The primary aim of the program is enable patients to improve their dental health, speech, presentation, self-esteem and help them return to being a self-supporting member of the community. Patients are aged between 18 – 65 years and may be participating in one of the following programs:

- Domestic & Family Violence Support/accommodation service
- Drug and/or Alcohol rehabilitation
- Recovering from a long term injury or illness
- Near homeless or homeless support/accommodation services
- Low socioeconomic background support services

Volunteering Options
As an ADA NSW member we can help you to participate in the National Dental Foundation pro bono program. Here are some options your practice might like to consider:

1. Dental Rescue Day – Full or half day, entire practice
A dental practice can allocate a full or half day where the entire practice volunteers their time and services to treat NDF patients. This is great for involving the whole team in a meaningful volunteer experience where the day becomes a shared experience of community contribution.

2. Dental Rescue Day – Full or half day, partial practice
A dental practice can volunteer a full or half day where one dental chair is allocated to treat NDF patients. This is great for volunteering part of the practice while maintaining appointments for the dental practices regular patients.

3. Adopt a Patient
Volunteer dentists are paired with one patient in need of basic dental care, ‘adopting’ the patient over a few appointments to complete a course of pro bono treatment. The appointments can be scheduled at a convenient time for your practice. This is a simple and rewarding way to help your local community, with minimal disruption to your practice.

Contact the NDF State Coordinator to register your interest.

Wendy Chin
Phone: 0499 191 901

Visit the NDF Facebook page to view our volunteer stories.

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