Practice Accreditation

Practice Accreditation
What is accreditation? 
Accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation, program or activity meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards. Accreditation is an internationally recognised evaluation process used to assess the quality of care and services provided in a range of areas including healthcare.
What does ADA Dental Practice Accreditation involve?


Exclusive Assistance for ADA Members:
As a complimentary member service ADA NSW members undertaking Accreditation are provided with:

  1. A dedicated accreditation support advisor to answer all questions related to accreditation (via telephone or email).
  2. Virtual support that is particularly useful for remotely located practices for online tutorials and tailored advice.
  3. Workshops and information seminars.
  4. Achieve accreditation in 3 months with a 12 Week program that includes accreditation goals to achieve with implementation strategies and ideas for the whole team.
  5. Quality Improvement Plan support.
  6. A ‘5 Week Re-Accreditation Program’ designed to guide members through the evidence requirements of Re-Accreditation.
  7. State based resource creation.

How do I find more information and register for accreditation?

If you are interested in practice accreditation and would like some further information, you can contact your ADA (NSW) Practice Support Advisor Aasta Laurie: or telephone (02) 8436 9927