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Divisions and Groups - your local ADA


Your colleagues can provide a crucial source of support and knowledge for your ongoing practice; ADA facilitates this through regular meetings of members and events. Based on your location, ADA members are automatically assigned to groups that meet regularly for lectures and information sessions, often ending with a social dinner. These meetings, addressing various aspects of dentistry, will keep your knowledge current while encouraging networking and friendships.

Divisions are located in rural and regional areas; groups are in metropolitan regions. Dentistry can be quite an isolated profession; participation in your local division or group is a great way to build collegiality.

Many of these meetings will also include a clinical education component with CPD hours attached. This is a valuable benefit since the introduction of mandatory CPD in 2010.

If you are unsure of which division or group you belong to, contact the Branch on 02 8436 9900.

Each of our divisions and groups has a dedicated information page in this section. To visit, click on the links on the side.

Resources and Information

Divisions and Study Groups have expressed interest in receiving assistance and resources from ADA NSW in three main areas.

‚ÄčAssistance with communication and marketing
  • Maintaining and providing up-to-date contact lists of members and non-members in the area
  • Sending email communication on behalf of the Division/Study Group, including providing assistance with content, if desired by the Division/Study Group
  • Promoting Division/Study Group meetings and events, on behalf of the Division/Study Group
Event Management
  • Providing available speakers' profiles and assisting with organising speakers
  • Assisting with organising CPD at the local level
  • Assisting with organising events with the opportunity for online registration and payment
Accounting/financial administration
  • Administering the collection and banking of subscriptions on behalf of the Division/Study Group
  • Administering the collection and banking of 'registration fees' for attendance at meetings and events
  • Administering payment of expenses on behalf of the Division/Study Group
  • Providing necessary reporting to the Division/Study Group of revenue/expenses and the funds of the Division/Study Group
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations such as ATO.

Your Contact

To request assistance with any of the above, your first point of contact is:
Elise Ross - elise.ross@adansw.com.au